Brake Center

Your family's safety depends on a reliable braking system. The factory-trained experts at Tamiami Hyundai brake center take pride in their professional installations and efficient repairs. Their know-how and experience help you get the longest life out of every component. 

Before you go on vacation or long drives, drop by for a complimentary brake system inspection on your sedan or SUV or truck. Our technicians will look for pad wear, leaks and a worn or scratched brake disc.

Among the services offered by Tamiami Hyundai:

  • Disc brake inspection & replacement
  • Brake pad replacement
  • Brake line replacement
  • Drum brake inspection & replacement
  • Rotor inspection & replacement
  • Brake light inspection & replacement
  • Brake caliper inspection & replacement
  • Brake fluid replacement

How often you need new brake pads depends on your driving habits and where you drive. Typically, brake pads need to be replaced about 20,000 to 40,000 miles.

Quality brake replacement parts helps your brake system last longer and perform better. Do your vehicle brakes squeal, squeak or create grinding noises? It could be a sign that your brake pads or rotors need immediate replacement. Get a complimentary inspection at Tamiami Hyundai's brake center today. 

Subtle signs indicate need for brake system inspection

Subtle signs indicate need for brake system inspection

You are dropping off your teens at school and slow down your car as you approach a crowded turnout. As you push on the brake pedal your car responds slowly, and you quickly press harder to get your vehicle to stop.

That delayed response and spongy feel may indicate a more serious problem--air or moisture in your vehicle's brake lines. Inspection by a brake expert is critical to prevent possible brake failure.